On Oct21, 2011, at 16:42 , Phil Sorber wrote:
> If you did want to make them immutable, I also like Florian's idea of
> a dependency graph. This would make the dumps less readable though.

Hm, I kinda reversed my opinion on that, though - i.e., I no longer think
that the dependency graph idea has much merit. For two reasons

First, dependencies work on OIDs, not on names. Thus, for the dependency
machinery to work for GUCs, they'd also need to store OIDs instead of
names of referenced schema objects. (Otherwise you get into trouble if
objects are renamed)

Which of course doesn't work, at least for roles, because roles are
shared objects, but referenced objects might be database-local.
(search_path, for example).

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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