On 10/23/2011 06:39 AM, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

On 10/22/2011 11:39 AM, nrdb wrote:

Are you willing to submit a patch for people to review? I am not sure
if the community would want this as backend code or not but it is
definitely something to discuss.

Yes! but I don't know what the procedure is to do that.


I will submit the patch in a few days when I have cleaned it up some more. Basically it patches the FileRead() and FileWrite() in fd.c to do the encryption and decryption.

Others might have different ideas.

I thought one way would be to pass the name of a named pipe in with a
command argument and then have some program that asks the user for the
password and writes it to the named pipe.

Any patch you submit will be subject to quite a bit of discussion so
be prepared for that. Also it will have to be portable to Windows.

I have no idea on making it portable to Windows, I very rarely use it and know nothing about coding on it. The only problem will be in the actual encryption/decryption functions, and the key setup.


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