On 26-10-2011 16:14, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Well, just increasing the number of workers would do nothing to solve
the problem, because the more workers there are, the slower they work.
The actual solution to the problem would be decreasing
autovacuum_vacuum_delay_cost, and/or related knobs.

Why not? You're saying that parallelizing the work won't help? As about autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay, don't you think that 20ms isn't small enough to suggest decreasing instead of increasing the number of workers?

Wasn't there some discussion recently on measuring the length of the
work queue, or something like that?

Yes, there is. As I said, it is an expensive and approximate measure. I'm not saying that is not the right direction, I'm arguing that a hint is better than nothing. Right now the only way to know if it is out of workers is to query pg_stat_activity frequently.

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