Stupid question:

Is this just a display thing? Or does this have impact for things such as COUNT(*) vs COUNT(1)?

Is it "like a view, but on the fly"?

I'm found myself in the *occasional* (certainly not daily!) situation where such a feature might be useful, but each time I wonder about if there should be a better way, I realize that if I ever saw such a thing in production code it would be the first code I shot down. 1) Not standards compliant, 2) Not deterministic (i.e. a database change might cause my code to break), 3) Working around a problem that maybe shouldn't exist in the first place? It's a like buying a rug, so that nobody sees the scratches on the floor.

I can see the contention. :-)

If it existed, I would occasionally use it from the command line. I'm thinking three times a year. Certainly not daily. Heck, if it's more characters to type (than "select * ...") the number of times I would bother typing it are quite short. :-)


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