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> So, we have four potential paths regarding recovery.conf:
> 1) Break backwards compatibility entirely, and stop supporting recovery.conf 
> as a trigger file at all.

Note that is exactly what I have suggested when using "standby" mode
from pg_ctl.

But you already know that, since you said "If it's possible to run a
replica without having a recovery.conf file,
then I'm fine with your solution", and I already confirmed back to you
that would be possible.

> 2) Offer backwards compatibility only if "recovery_conf='filename'" is set in 
> postgresql.conf, then behave like Simon's compromise.
> 3) Simon's compromise.

See above. Calling it a compromise in this way implies nobody has been
given exactly what they ask for, but that is not the case.

> 4) Don't ever change how recovery.conf works.
> The only two of the above I see as being real options are (1) and (2).  (3) 
> would, as Robert points out, cause DBAs to have unpleasant surprises when 
> some third-party tool creates a recovery.conf they weren't expecting. So:

Please read my proposal again. I'll be happy to answer questions if
you have any.

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