Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> > Excerpts from Alvaro Herrera's message of vie oct 28 16:47:13 -0300 2011:
> >> BTW we had previous discussions about dropping pg_database's toast
> >> table.  Maybe this is a good time to do it, even if there's no risk of
> >> this bug (or the hypothetical circularity detoasting problem) showing up
> >> there.
> No objection from me.
> > Oh, something unrelated I just remembered: we have
> > pg_database.datlastsysoid which seems unused.  Perhaps we should remove
> > that column for cleanliness.
> I have a vague recollection that some client-side code uses this to
> figure out what's the dividing line between user and system OIDs.
> pg_dump used to need to know that number, and it can still be useful
> with casts and other things that are hard to tell whether they're built-in.
> While in principle people could use FirstNormalObjectId instead, that
> could come back to bite us if we ever have to increase that constant
> in future releases.  I'm inclined to leave this one alone.

Maybe add a C comment?

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