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The more I think about this problem, the more I think that the reason
why we still don't have declarative partitioning is that it basically

I think that we don't have it because no one has ever dumped the much larger than might be expected amount of time into pulling all the pieces together and smoothing out the rough parts. I don't think there's any design thinking leap needed over what's already been worked out. Just a lot of work to get all the edge cases right on the simplest possible thing that is useful.

The path to reach something that could be considered for commit includes something like this set of things:

1) Add partitioning catalog support
2) Create new syntax for partitioning that writes to the catalog
3) Decide how to represent partition data in memory
4) Route new INSERTed data into the right place
5) Support moving UPDATEd data into a new partition
6) Handle COPY usefully

The last rev of this submitted was still working through (1) here, i.e. this review from Robert: http://archives.postgresql.org/message-id/aanlktikp-1_8b04eyik0sdf8ua5kmo64o8sorfbze...@mail.gmail.com And there's a whole pile of issues I don't think have been fully explored about even the most basic case. How to handle ALTER to these structures cleanly, locking, etc.. I don't think it's possible to design such that you skip a large portion of these details; someone needs to put some number of spend weeks+ getting them all right instead.

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