The November CommitFest is now closed for new entries. We have 30 patches in the queue that are still looking for a reviewer at this point, out of a total of 53. If you'd like to review a patch but are looking for a suggestion as to which to choose, e-mail the pgsql-rrreviewers list saying so.

4 patches have already received some early review and are waiting for updates from the author:

Allow toast tables to be moved to a different tablespace
Online base backup from the hot-standby
Separate pg_stat_activity into current_query into state and query columns
Allow substitute allocator for PGresult.

And we have 5 earlier submissions that have been flagged ready for a committer to look at them; names here are the expected committer when one has been mentioned already:

Non-inheritable check constraints (Greg Stark)
pg_last_xact_insert_timestamp (Simon)
Add Support for building with Visual Studio 2010 (Magnus)
plperl verify utf8 strings
xsubpp from cpan

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