2011/11/30 Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@commandprompt.com>:
> Excerpts from Tom Lane's message of mié nov 30 12:53:42 -0300 2011:
>> A bigger issue is that once you think about more than one kind of check,
>> it becomes apparent that we might need some user-specifiable options to
>> control which checks are applied.  And I see no provision for that here.
>> This is not something we can add later, at least not without breaking
>> the API for the check function --- and if we're willing to break API,
>> why not just add some more parameters to the validator and avoid having
>> a second function?
> How about
> CHECK (parse, names=off) FUNCTION foobar(a, b, c)

this syntax is relative consistent with EXPLAIN, is it ok for all?


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