* Robert Haas (robertmh...@gmail.com) wrote:
> A CIDR address defines a range all by itself, without packing any
> other type on top.  It just needs GIST support, and an indexable
> operator for "contains or is contained by"; then, you can define an
> exclusion constraint over a CIDR column to enforce a
> no-duplicate-or-overlapping-IP-ranges rule.  I started working on that
> at one point, but I didn't have as much enthusiasm as the task needed
> so I gave up before accomplishing anything particularly useful.

Erm, isn't there a contrib type that already does all that for you..?
ip4r or whatever?  Just saying, if you're looking for that capability..

I do think it'd be kind of interesting to offer both that and a
straight-up 'ip_address' type w/ range types..



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