Simon Riggs <> writes:
> Those are especially important because in 9.2 DDL commands will cause
> additional locking overheads, so preventing DDL will be essential to
> keeping performance stable in high txn rate databases.

The patch now implements "any command" triggers, and you have the
command tag to branch in the function if you need to.

         EXECUTE PROCEDURE cancel_any_ddl();
> So I'd like to see a few more triggers that work out of the box for
> those cases (perhaps wrapped by a function?). It would also allow a
> more useful man page example of how to use this.

We could solve that by providing an extension implementing command
triggers ready for use.  One that allows to easily switch on and off the
capability of running commands seems like a good candidate.

That said, with the current coding, you can't have both a instead of
trigger on "any command" and a before or after trigger on any given
command, so installing that extension would prevent you from any other
usage of command triggers.

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