On 03.12.2011 01:25, Daniel Farina wrote:
Here's a protocol: have pg_start_backup() write a file that just means
"backing up".  Restarts are OK, because that's all it means, it has no
meaning to a recovery/restoration process.

When one wishes to restore, one must touch a file -- not unlike the
trigger file in recovery.conf (some have argued in the past this
*should* be recovery.conf, except perhaps for its tendency to be moved
to recovery.done) to have that behavior occur.

At the moment, if the situation is ambiguous, the system assumes that you're restoring from a backup. What your suggestion amounts to is to reverse tht assumption, and assume instead that you're doing crash recovery on a system where a backup was being taken. In that case, if you take a backup with pg_base_backup(), and fail to archive the WAL files correctly, or forget to create a recovery.conf file, the database will happily start up from the backup, but is in fact corrupt. That is not good either.

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