Robert Haas <> writes:
> OK.  Well, then pushing it out to a separate file probably makes
> sense.  Do you want to do that or shall I have a crack at it?  If the
> latter, what do you think about using the name SortKey for everything
> rather than SortSupport?

I'll take another crack at it.  I'm not entirely sold yet on merging
the two structs; I think first we'd better look and see what the needs
are in the other potential callers I mentioned.  If we'd end up
cluttering the struct with half a dozen weird fields, it'd be better to
stick to a minimal interface struct with various wrapper structs, IMO.

OTOH it did seem that the names were getting a bit long.  If we do
keep the two-struct-levels approach, what do you think of
s/SortSupportInfo/SortSupport/g ?

                        regards, tom lane

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