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>> Unless I am missing something, all indexes are handled via a procedure
>> designed for BTree indices, "GetBTRelationFreeSpace".  I don't know
>> that the ultimate behavior of this is wrong, but it seems unusual.  If
>> I get some more time, I will try to explore what is actually going on
>> when called on other types of indexes.
> This I think I'll punt back toward Jaime, as well as asking "did you have a
> plan for TOAST here?"

for indexes. it seems pageinspect only deals with btree indexes and i
neglected to put a similar limitation on this function... now, because
the free space is calculated using PageGetFreeSpace() for indexes it
should be doing the right thing for all kind of indexes, i only put
the function there because i was trying to avoid to create a new file.
But if the function is right for all kind of indexes that's maybe
enough to create a new file and rename the helper function so is
obvious that it can manage all kind of indexes

for toast tables. a simple test here seems to show that is as easy as
to add toast tables in the supported objects and treat them as normal

or there is something i'm missing?

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