On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> wrote:
> Updated version with pg_restore included is attached.

The patch applies with some fuzz by now but compiles without errors or warnings.

The feature just works, it is not adding a lot of new code, basically
it parses the given options and then skips over steps depending on the
selected section.

I verified the equivalence of -a and -s to the respective sections in
the different archive formats and no surprise here either, they were
equivalent except for the header (which has a timestamp).

If you ask pg_restore to restore a section out of an archive which
doesn't have this section, there is no error and the command just
succeeds. This is what I expected and I think it's the right thing to
do but maybe others think that
there should be a warning.

In pg_restore, pre-data cannot be run in parallel, it would only run
serially, data and post-data can run in parallel, though. This is also
what I had expected but it might be worth to add a note about this to
the documentation.

What I didn't like about the implementation was the two set_section()
functions, I'd prefer them to move to a file that is shared between
pg_dump and pg_restore and become one function...

Minor issues:

{"section", required_argument, NULL, 5} in pg_dump.c is not in the alphabetical
order of the options.

 ./pg_restore --section=foobar
pg_restore: unknown section name "foobar")

Note the trailing ')', it's coming from a _(...) confusion

Some of the lines in the patch have trailing spaces and in the
documentation part tabs and spaces are mixed.

int skip used as bool skip in dumpDumpableObject()


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