On 03.12.2011 18:37, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
One small change I'd like to make is to treat the loss of connection
more as a new "top-level" event, rather than as a new reason for query
cancellation. A lost connection is more like receiving SIGTERM, really.
Please take a look at the attached patch. I've been testing this by
doing "SELECT pg_sleep(1), a from generate_series(1,1000) a;", and
killing the connection with "killall -9 psql".

Ok, committed this.

One remaining issue I have with this is the wording of the error
message. The closest existing message we have is in old-mode COPY:

errmsg("connection lost during COPY to stdout")));

In the patch, I made the new message just "connection lost", but does
anyone else have a better opinion on that? Perhaps it should be
"connection lost while sending response to client". Or "connection lost
during execution of statement", but that might not be accurate if we're
not executing a statement at the moment, but just sending a "sync"
message or similar.

I made the error message "connection to client lost" in the end.

I still wonder if it would be safe to simply elog(FATAL) in internal_flush(), but didn't dare to do that without more thorough analysis.

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