On 2011-12-06 17:58, Kevin Grittner wrote:
Kevin Grittner<kgri...@wicourts.gov>  wrote:
Yeb Havinga<yebhavi...@gmail.com>  wrote:

I personally tend to believe it doesn't even need to be an error.
There is no technical reason not to allow it. All the user needs
to do is make sure that the combination of named parameters and
the positional ones together are complete and not overlapping.

If there are no objections, I suggest that Yeb implement the mixed
notation for cursor parameters.

Hearing no objections -- Yeb, are you OK with doing this, and do you
feel this is doable for this CF?

Attach is v6 of the patch, allowing mixed mode and with new test cases in the regression tests. One difference with calling functions remains: it is allowed to place positional arguments after named parameters. Including that would add code, but nothing would be gained.

Yeb Havinga

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