On 12/15/2011 06:54 AM, Greg Smith wrote:
On 12/12/2011 04:47 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
I have briefly looked at the code (but not tried to apply or build it), and modulo the naming issue it looks OK to me. Unless there is some other issue let's just get it applied. It looks like almost a no-brainer to me.

It isn't very fancy, but is does something people that can fit into a couple of use-cases. Attached update has two changes to address the suggestions I got, which closes everything I knew about with this one:

-It's now include_if_exists
-Files that are skipped are logged now

So current behavior:

$ tail -n 1 postgresql.conf
include 'missing.conf'
$ start
server starting
$ tail $PGLOG
LOG: could not open configuration file "/home/gsmith/pgwork/data/include-exists/missing.conf": No such file or directory FATAL: configuration file "/home/gsmith/pgwork/data/include-exists/postgresql.conf" contains errors

And new behavior:

$ vi $PGDATA/postgresql.conf
$ tail -n 1 postgresql.conf
include_if_exists 'missing.conf'
$ start
server starting
$ tail $PGLOG
LOG: skipping missing configuration file "/home/gsmith/pgwork/data/include-exists/missing.conf"
LOG:  database system was shut down at 2011-12-15 06:48:46 EST
LOG:  database system is ready to accept connections

Committed. I changed the elog() call to use ereport(): you're not supposed to use elog() for things we expect might well happen and cause log entries - see bottom of <http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/error-message-reporting.html>. I've probably been guilty of this in the past, it's a bit too easy to forget.



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