Excerpts from Peter Eisentraut's message of mié dic 28 15:04:09 -0300 2011:
> The check_postgres txn_wraparound action[0] runs this query:
>    SELECT datname, age(datfrozenxid) AS age FROM pg_database WHERE 
> datallowconn ORDER BY 1, 2
> On a hot standby, this fails with:
>    ERROR:  cannot assign TransactionIds during recovery
> So, a couple of things to wonder about:
> Is it unreasonable to check for transaction ID wraparound on a standby?
> It should mirror the situation on the primary, shouldn't it?
> Should the age(xid) function do something more useful on a standby,
> e.g., have a custom error message or return null or use the transaction
> ID from the master?

I think we could just have the xid_age call
GetCurrentTransactionIdIfAny, and if that returns InvalidXid, use
ReadNewTransactionId instead.  That xid_age assigns a transaction seems
more of an accident than really intended.

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