Tom Lane  wrote:
> a configure test only proves whether the build machine can deal
> with the flag, not whether the machine the executables will
> ultimately run on knows what the flag means.  We cannot assume that
> the build and execution boxes are the same.  (In general,
> AC_TRY_RUN tests are best avoided because of this.)
I understand why that is important in general, but as a shop which
builds from source, and is fine with a separate build for each
hardware model / OS version combination, it would be great if any
optimizations which are only available if you *do* assume that the
build machine and the run machine are the same (or at lease
identical) could be enabled with some configure switch.  Maybe
something like --enable-platform-specific-optimizations.
I don't know if any such possible optimizations currently exist, I'm
just saying that if any are identified, it would be nice to have the
option of using them.

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