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> Excerpts from Andrew Dunstan's message of sáb dic 31 12:52:02 -0300 2011:
>> It's not a big thing, but I just found myself in a shared environment
>> wanting to be able to set alternative locations for the psql startup
>> file and history. I know there's the HISTFILE variable, but I can't
>> easily set that automatically unless I can at least have my own .psqlrc.
>> ISTM it should be a fairly simple thing to provide these, via
>> environment variables. Is there general interest in such a thing?
> I wanted such a thing mere two weeks ago ...

Generally when I've wanted these things, I just make a new "$HOME" in
my shared user home dir:

export HOME=$HOME/aidan

It's worked for things I've wanted, I haven't tried it for psql stuff....


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