Hi Josh,

Il 15/01/12 01:13, Josh Kupershmidt ha scritto:
I have signed on to review this patch for the 2012-01 CF. The patch
applies cleanly, includes the necessary documentation, and implements
a useful feature.
Thank you for dedicating your time to this matter.
I think the actual debugging line:

+                                       fprintf(stdout, "%s\n", WALFilePath);
My actual intention was to have the filename as output of the command, in order to easily "pipe" it to another script. Hence my first choice was to use the stdout channel, considering also that pg_archivecleanup in dry-run mode is harmless and does not touch the content of the directory.
Oh, and I think the "removing file... " debug message above should not
be printed in dryrun-mode, lest we confuse the admin.
Yes, I agree with you here.

Let me know what you think about my reasons for the stdout channel, then I will send v2.

Thanks again!


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