Excerpts from Nikhil Sontakke's message of vie dic 23 01:02:10 -0300 2011:

> FWIW, here's a quick fix for the issue that Robert pointed out.

Thanks, applied.

> Again it's
> a variation of the first issue that he reported. We have two functions
> which try to merge existing constraints:
> MergeWithExistingConstraint() in heap.c
> MergeConstraintsIntoExisting() in tablecmds.c
> Nice names indeed :)

Yeah, I added a comment about the other one on each of them.

> I have also tried to change the error message as per Alvaro's suggestions.
> I will really try to see if we have other issues. Really cannot have Robert
> reporting all the bugs and getting annoyed, but there are lotsa variations
> possible with inheritance..

So did you find anything?

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