"David E. Wheeler" <da...@justatheory.com> writes:
> On Jan 25, 2012, at 10:24 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Anyway, I'd be willing to hold off committing if someone were to
>> volunteer to test an unintegrated copy of the patch against some
>> moderately complicated application.  But it's a sufficiently large
>> patch that I don't really care to sit on it and try to maintain it
>> outside the tree for a long time.

> Why not create a branch? IIRC the build farm can be configured to run 
> branches.

I already know what the patch does against the regression tests.
Buildfarm testing is not of interest here.  What would be of help is,
say, Kevin volunteering to load up his Circuit Courts software and data
into a git-head server and see how performance looks with and without
the patch.  Distribution of the code doesn't strike me as being the

                        regards, tom lane

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