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There's one little problem remaining with this, which is what to do if the
message is in a different encoding than used by the client? That's not a new
problem, we have the same problem with any string GUC, if you do "SHOW
<setting>". We restricted application_name to ASCII characters, which is an
obvious way to avoid the problem, but I think it would be a shame to
restrict this to ASCII-only.
Isn't that an issue for the administrator understanding his audience.
Maybe some additional documentation explaining the encoding issue?

The thing is, there's currently no encoding conversion happening, so if you have one database in LATIN1 encoding and another in UTF-8, for example, whatever you put in your postgresql.conf is going to be wrong for one database. I'm happy to just document the issue for per-database messages, "ALTER DATABASE ... SET welcome_message", the encoding used there need to match the encoding of the database, or it's displayed as garbage. But what about per-user messages, when the user has access to several databases, or postgresql.conf?

For postgresql.conf I think we could make a rule that it's always in UTF-8. We haven't had to take a stance on the encoding used in postgresql.conf before, but IMHO UTF-8 only would be quite reasonable. We already have a problem there if for example you have two database with different encodings, a schema with non-ascii characters in it, and you try to put that schema in search_path in postgresql.conf. That's such a rare situation that we haven't heard any complaints, but it's not so unreasonable for welcome_message.

That still leaves the problem with per-user messages, though. We've managed to dodge the encoding issue in shared catalogs this far. It would be pretty hard to enforce any given encoding there, I think. Perhaps we could just document that, and advice to create per-database and per-user settings in that case.

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