At 2012-01-12 12:31:20 +0000, wrote:
> The following patch adds a pgbench option -I to load data using

This is just to confirm that the patch applies and builds and works
fine (though of course it does take a long timeā€¦ pity there doesn't
seem to be any easy way to add progress indication like -i has).

I'm aware of the subsequent discussion about using only a long option,
documenting -n, and adding a knob to control index creation timing. I
don't have a useful opinion on any of those things. It's just that the
patch was marked "Needs review" and it was only while waiting for 100k
inserts to run that I thought of checking if there was any discussion
about it. Oops.

> Yes, my laptop really is that slow.

It appears to be eight times as fast as mine.

-- ams

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