On 30 January 2012 23:04, Soules, Craig <craig.sou...@hp.com> wrote:
> When there are no errors everything works flawlessly, however, we noticed 
> that even throwing an exception in the C++ layer was causing an immediate 
> segmentation fault.  Even when encapsulated in a try { } catch(...) { } block.
> If anyone has seen anything like this, any pointers or suggestions would be 
> much appreciated.  I have followed all of the recommendations in the 
> PostgreSQL documentation, with no luck.  I am not overloading the _init() 
> functions in either shared library (another potential source of errors I have 
> read about).

I suggest that you generalise from the example of PLV8. The basic
problem is that the effect of longjmp()ing over an area of the stack
with a C++ non-POD type is undefined. I don't think you can even use
structs, as they have implicit destructors in C++.

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