NTT Open Source has requested that I convene the 3rd Cluster Hackers summit at 
pgCon this year.  As last year, it will be held on Tuesday (May 15th) during 
tutorials (and not conflicting with the Developer Summit).

If you are a contributor to any of PostgreSQL's various replication, 
clustering, or virtualization and multiserver management tools, you are invited 
to attend.  Please RSVP (see below).

Draft agenda follows.  Please let me know of any contributions/changes to the 
agenda you have:

= Project Reports: 5 minutes from each project
   * Hot Standby/Binary Replication
   * pgPoolII
   * PostgresXC
   * Your Project Here

= Technical Issues of common interest
   * SSI in cluster/replication
   * Parser export
   * Managing consistent views of data
   * Fault detection and handling
   * Node addition/removal
   * Configuration and operation
   * Cursor in replication/multi master
   * Your Issue Here

The Cluster Summit will be from 10am to 5pm, with a break for lunch, which will 
be provided, sponsored by NTT.

If you will be able to attend, please respond (offlist) to this email with the 

Your Name
Project(s) you work on
If you will be giving a Project Report
If you have additions to the agenda
Special dietary needs for lunch, if any
If you need travel assistance

Note that the availability of travel funding is not guaranteed; I can just 
agree to request it.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.
San Francisco

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