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> The time I got bitten by this was actually with LPAD(), rather than LIKE.

+1. This is one of the functions that gave some of our clients 
real trouble when 8.3 came out.

> If we really believed that implicit casts any form were evil, we 
> would have removed them entirely instead of trimming them back. 
> I don't see why it's heretical to suggest that the 8.3 casting 
> changes brought us to exactly that point in the universe where 
> everything is perfect and nothing can be further improved; does 
> anyone seriously believe that?

Agreed (although the last bit is a bit of a straw man). The idea 
in this thread of putting some implicit casts into an extension 
or other external package is not a very good one, either. Let's 
apply some common sense instead, and stick to our guns on the ones 
where we feel there could honestly be serious app consequences and 
thus we encourage^H^Hforce people to change their code (or write all 
sorts of custom casts and functions). I think the actual number of 
such app circumstances is rather small, but my clients are not your* 
clients, so who knows? In other words, I'll concede int==text, but 
really need a strong argument for conceding things like LPAD.

* Your = everyone else, not just M. Haas.

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