On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 7:36 AM, Heikki Linnakangas
<heikki.linnakan...@enterprisedb.com> wrote:
> On 17.02.2012 07:27, Fujii Masao wrote:
>> Got another problem: when I ran pg_stop_backup to take an online backup,
>> it got stuck until I had generated new WAL record. This happens because,
>> in the patch, when pg_stop_backup forces a switch to new WAL file, old
>> WAL file is not marked as archivable until next new WAL record has been
>> inserted, but pg_stop_backup keeps waiting for that WAL file to be
>> archived.
>> OTOH, without the patch, WAL file is marked as archivable as soon as WAL
>> file switch occurs.
>> So, in short, the patch seems to handle the WAL file switch logic
>> incorrectly.
> Yep. For a WAL-switch record, XLogInsert returns the location of the end of
> the record, not the end of the empty padding space. So when the caller
> flushed up to that point, it didn't flush the empty space and therefore
> didn't notify the archiver.
> Attached is a new version, fixing that, and off-by-one bug you pointed out
> in the slot wraparound handling. I also moved code around a bit, I think
> this new division of labor between the XLogInsert subroutines is more
> readable.
> Thanks for the testing!

Hi Heikki,

Sorry for the week long radio silence, I haven't been able to find
much time during the week.  I'll try to extract my test case from it's
quite messy testing harness and get a self-contained version, but it
will probably take a week or two to do it.  I can probably refactor it
to rely just on Perl and the modules DBI, DBD::Pg, IO::Pipe and
Storable.  Some of those are not core Perl modules, but they are all
common ones.  Would that be a good option?

I've tested your v9 patch.  I no longer see any inconsistencies or
lost transactions in the recovered database.  But occasionally I get
databases that fail to recover at all.
It has always been with the exact same failed assertion, at xlog.c line 2154.

I've only seen this 4 times out of 2202 cycles of crash and recovery,
so it must be some rather obscure situation.

LOG:  database system was not properly shut down; automatic recovery in progress
LOG:  redo starts at 0/180001B0
LOG:  unexpected pageaddr 0/15084000 in log file 0, segment 25, offset 540672
LOG:  redo done at 0/19083FD0
LOG:  last completed transaction was at log time 2012-02-17 11:13:50.369488-08
LOG:  checkpoint starting: end-of-recovery immediate
TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(((((((uint64) (NewPageEndPtr).xlogid *
(uint64) (((uint32) 0xffffffff) / ((uint32) (16 * 1024 * 1024))) *
((uint32) (16 * 1024 * 1024))) + (NewPageEndPtr).xrecoff - 1)) / 8192)
% (XLogCtl->XLogCacheBlck + 1)) == nextidx)", File: "xlog.c", Line:
LOG:  startup process (PID 5390) was terminated by signal 6: Aborted
LOG:  aborting startup due to startup process failure



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