I am new here,
it is a question about "how to colaborate" and/or "where to find", in the
scope of temporal database...


I see the Temporal Postgres,
"a project for making tools and documentation that people can use to better
manage, query, and maintain time data in Postgres",

* the project is oversized for my needs ...
* there are NO complementar "pure SQL" library for manage "sheduling

Searching I find something more close to my necessities, the S.Bailey's
TIMESPAN model, at

BUT it is not ready for practical use (it is more for didactic use)... THEN
I create
that is what I need.


1) There are another  project, similar or better than my!? There are "pure
SQL standard libraries" for this?

2) Why something similar (manage events without pg-extension) is not into
the temporal.projects.postgresql.org ?

3) There are another "good place" for colaborate with a simple and "pure
SQL" library project?
   Can I colaborate to the wiki-page?  see

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