Tom Lane <> schrieb:

>Andres Freund <> writes:
>> I refreshed the patch so it works again on current HEAD. Basically
>> trivial fixes and dfd26f9c5f371437f243249025863ea9911aacaa. The
>latter doesn't 
>> seem necessary to me after the changes, so I simply ditched it. Am I
>> something?
>No, that was only needed because execMain.c was overriding somebody
>else's tuple receiver.  If you're putting the right receiver into the
>QueryDesc to start with, it shouldn't be necessary.
>I'm confused by this though:
>> This basically includes a revert of
>I don't find that commit ID anywhere.
That should have been the aforementioned commit. Must have screwed up the 
copy&paste buffer. Sorry for that.


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