On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Dimitri Fontaine
<dimi...@2ndquadrant.fr> wrote:
> Hitoshi Harada <umi.tan...@gmail.com> writes:
>> I confirmed DROP EXTENSION is fixed now.  In turn, it seems to me
>> "requires" doesn't work.  My test ext2.control looks like:
> I'm very sorry about that. It's all about playing with pg_depend and
> I've failed to spend enough time on that very topic to send a patch that
> just works, it seems.
> I'm going to fix that over the week-end.  Thanks for your reviewing so
> far.

Quickly reviewed the patch and found some issues.

- There are some mixture of pg_extension_feature and pg_extension_feature"s"
- The doc says pg_extension_feature"s" has four columns but it's not true.
- Line 608 is bad. In the loop, provides_itself is repeatedly changed
to true and false and I guess that's not what you meant.
- Line 854+, you can fold two blocks into one.  The two blocks are
similar and by giving provides list with list_make1 when
control->provides  == NIL you can do it in one block.
- s/trak/track/
- Line 960, you missed updating classId for dependency.

That's pretty much from me.  I just looked at the patch and have no
idea about grand architecture.  Marking Waiting on Author.

Hitoshi Harada

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