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>> In any event, I think a pg_class.relvalidxmin is the right starting point.
>> One might imagine a family of relvalidxmin, convalidxmin, indcheckxmin
>> (already exists), inhvalidxmin, and attvalidxmin.  relvalidxmin is like the
>> AccessExclusiveLock of that family; it necessarily blocks everything that
>> might impugn the others.  The value in extending this to more catalogs is the
>> ability to narrow the impact of failing the check.  A failed indcheckxmin
>> comparison merely excludes plans involving the index.  A failed inhvalidxmin
>> check might just skip recursion to the table in question.  Those are further
>> refinements, much like using weaker heavyweight lock types.
> Yes, good parallel.

Did you guys get my comment about not being able to use an xmin value,
we have to use an xid value and to a an XidInMVCCSnapshot() test? Just
checking whether you agree/disagree.

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