On Fri, 2012-03-16 at 18:02 -0400, Tareq Aljabban wrote:
> Thanks for your response Jeff.. 
> It's true that libhdfs code resides under the c++ folder, but in all
> of the documentation, libhdfs is referred to as the C interface of
> Now what you're saying makes sense.. that nothing guarantees this will
> work well.. but in the phase of initDB, the function calls are done
> nicely without any exceptions.. when starting the postmaster,
> something wrong happens after 3 calls to libhdfs.. that's what I'm
> confused about..
> What it's the difference between the two processes (initDB, start
> postmaster), that might cause this crash to happen?

There is a lot of difference between those two. In particular, it looks
like the problem you are seeing is coming from the background writer,
which is not running during initdb.

I think the next step would be for you to compile in debug mode with
-O0, and attach to the bgwriter process with gdb, and step through it.
Then, you can see the exact path which causes the bgwriter to exit, and
that will give you a better idea where the problem is.

        Jeff Davis

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