Hi Noah,

thank you again for your thorough review, which is much appreciated.

> I think the patch has reached the stage where a committer can review
> it without wasting much time on things that might change radically.
> So, I'm marking it Ready for Committer.  Please still submit an update
> correcting the above; I'm sure your committer will appreciate it.

Attached is v5, which should address all the remaining issues.


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On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:33:12PM -0400, Noah Misch wrote:
> I recommend removing the new block of code in RI_FKey_eachcascade_del() and
> letting array_remove() throw the error.  If you find a way to throw a nicer
> error without an extra scan, by all means submit that to a future CF as an
> improvement.  I don't think it's important enough to justify cycles at this
> late hour of the current CF.

It makes sense; we have removed the block of code and updated the error
message following your suggestion. Now the error is thrown by array_remove()
We'll keep an eye on this for further improvements in the future.

> > > pg_constraint.confeach needs documentation.
> > 
> > Most of pg_constraint columns, including all the boolean ones, are
> > documented only in the "description" column of
> > 
> > http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/catalog-pg-constraint.html#AEN85760
> > 
> > it seems that confiseach should not be an exception, since it just
> > indicates whether the constraint is of a certain kind or not.
> Your patch adds two columns to pg_constraint, confiseach and confeach, but it
> only mentions confiseach in documentation.  Just add a similar minimal mention
> of confeach.

Sorry, our mistake; a mention for confeach has now been added, and both
entries have been reordered to reflect the column position in

> That is to say, they start with a capital letter and end with a period.  Your
> old text was fine apart from the lack of a period.  (Your new text also lacks
> a period.)

Fixed, it should be fine now (another misunderstanding on our side, apologies).

> If the cost doesn't exceed O(F log P), where F is the size of the FK table and
> P is the size of the PK table, I'm not worried.  If it can be O(F^2), we would
> have a problem to be documented, if not fixed.

We have rewritten the old query in a simpler way; now its cost is O(F log P).
Here F must represent the size of the "flattened" table, that is, the total
number of values that must be checked, which seems a reasonable assumption
in any case.

> Your change to array_replace() made me look at array_remove() again and
> realize that it needs the same treatment.  This command yields a segfault:
>   SELECT array_remove('{a,null}'::text[], null);


> This latest version introduces two calls to get_element_type(), both of which
> should be get_base_element_type().


> Patch "Avoid FK validations for no-rewrite ALTER TABLE ALTER TYPE", committed
> between v3b and v4 of this patch, added code to ATAddForeignKeyConstraint()
> requiring an update in this patch.  Run this in the regression DB:
>   [local] regression=# alter table fktableforeachfk alter ftest1 type int[];
>   ERROR:  could not find cast from 1007 to 23

Thanks for pointing it out. We have added a regression test and then fixed the 



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