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> Thom Brown <t...@linux.com> writes:
>> This is probably a dumb question but... surely there's more than 2
>> committers able to review?
> Able and willing might be two different things.  Alvaro, Heikki, and
> Magnus have all been looking at stuff, but I think they may be getting
> burned out too.

If people are keeping score, add myself and Robert also, maybe others
- I've not been watching too closely.

On average there appears to be about 10 patches per active committer
in this CF. Given the complexity of the patches in last CF always
seems to be higher, that is a huge number and represents weeks of

One of the key problems I see is that few people actually get paid to
do this, so its fairly hard to allocate time. I want to make it a
policy of "1 for 1" so if you write a patch you need to review a
patch. That way sponsors are forced to spend money on review time for
stuff they may not care about as a trade for getting reviews on stuff
they do. This would take pressure off the few.

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