(2012/03/28 21:07), Albe Laurenz wrote:
> I found another limitation of this approach:
> pgsql_fdw_analyze() has to run as a user who can update
> pg_statistic, and this user needs a user mapping to a remote
> user who can read pg_statistic.
> This is not necessary for normal operation and needs
> to be configured specifically for getting remote statistics.
> This is cumbersome, and people might be unhappy to have to
> create user mappings for highly privileged remote users.

Agreed.  After all, supporting ANALYZE command for foreign tables seems
the only way to obtain local statistics of foreign data without granting
privileges too much.  ANALYZE is allowed to only the owner of the table
or a superuser, so assuming that an invoker has valid user mapping for a
remote user who can read corresponding foreign data seems reasonable.

ANALYZE support for foreign tables is proposed by Fujita-san in current
CF, so I'd like to push it.

Shigeru HANADA

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