Tom Lane wrote:
While you might not like the EDB installer, at least those
folks are active in the lists and accountable for whatever problems
their code has.  Who in heck is responsible for the "homebrew"
packaging, and do they answer questions in the PG lists?

Just for general knowledge... Who's responsible is whoever wants to be; homebrew is open source, and with a github-based workflow, it's trivial for them to accept pull requests. On the 1967 formulas (packages) in the repo, there have been 1759 contributors. I was volunteering to be the maintainer and liaison if we did this; I'm pretty good at email and IRC.

It's actually pretty clever and elegant - homebrew itself uses git and github for formula updates and distribution, and is written in ruby1.8 which ships with all Macs. /usr/local is a git repo, "brew update" is mostly "git pull", and "brew search" checks for new pull requests if it doesn't find a matching formula. The whole thing's all of 1500 lines of code, and you saw what formulas look like.


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