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> Hi All,
> I think we are back on the initial approach I proposed(hooking directly into
> the JVM and executing Java code that calls JDBC).I think the best way to do
> this is create a JVM that executes the Java code and give the control of the
> JVM to the native API.
> I agree,the only need of Pl/Java that is apparent here is the need of the
> Java internals(JDK et al).If we set them up independently,then,we can have
> the FDW wrapping JDBC directly through JNI.JNI would call pure Java
> functions to connect to the JDBC.
> I think we can proceed with this.Once we are done with the API calling Java
> functions,I think the rest of the path is easily mapped(writing Java
> functions to connect to JDBC).
> Please let me know your opinions on this.

I think Multicorn is a good example, which invokes Python from FDW
routines though it is not using PL/Python.


Hitoshi Harada

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