There hasn't been any discussion of who will manage this CF that I've
heard.  Since nature abhors a vacuum, I took some preliminary steps
to get it started, and will take the role if nobody objects.
If you want to review a particular patch, go ahead and claim it in
the CF application:
If you're not sure which patch you want to review, please send me an
email off-list with your areas of interest and a summary of your
skill-set, so I can pick one for you.
There was a decision at the developers' meeting to ask each patch
submitter to review patches of the same number and approximate
complexity as they submit.  If you haven't yet done so, please do.
(Remember, it's fine to have multiple reviewers for a single patch.)
If you want to contribute to the development of PostgreSQL and you
haven't yet reviewed any patches, please read this page:
... and follow the appropriate links for more detail.  You don't need
to be a C coder to help.  We need people to test, benchmark, and
check documentation, too.
This CF is scheduled to run from the 15th of June to the 15th of
July, so any new patches should be submitted to the next CF:

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