There might be something to the idea of demoting a few of the things
we've traditionally had as NOTICEs, though.  IME, the following two
messages account for a huge percentage of the chatter:

NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "foo_a_seq" for
serial column "foo.a"
NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
"foo_pkey" for table "foo"

You can also add:

NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / UNIQUE will create implicit index "foo_name_key" for table "foo"

I agree that these amount for most of the noise.

As create table does create other objects, I could understand that someone wants to hear about that. Maybe move them as "info" ? Otherwise, changing the default message level seems reasonable to me. What we really case when loading an SQL script is WARNING & ERROR, so that should be what is activated.

I'm not going to claim that nobody in the history of the world has
ever benefited from those notices ... but I would be willing to bet
that a large majority of the people, in a large majority of the cases,
do not care.  And getting rid of them would surely make warnings and
notices that might actually be of interest to the user a lot more


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