Dean Rasheed <> writes:
> On 12 February 2012 02:06, Vik Reykja <> wrote:
>> I decided to take a crack at the todo item created from the following post:

> Here's my review of this patch.

I've marked this patch committed, although in the end there was nothing
left of it ;-).  After teaching the trigger skip logic that old PK nulls
or new FK nulls mean the constraint needn't be checked, there is no case
where ri_KeysEqual is called on data that is not known to be
all-non-null on one side or the other.  So it doesn't matter whether
we use plain equality or is-not-distinct logic.  We could have applied
these changes anyway but I didn't see much value, since as previously
noted there would be some cases where the comparison got microscopically
slower.  I did add a comment about the point in case anybody revisits
the code again in future.

> There's also a separate question about whether the RI trigger
> functions need to be doing these key comparisons, given that they are
> done earlier when the triggers are queued
> (,
> but the savings to be made there are likely to be smaller than the
> savings this patch makes by not queuing the triggers at all.

I haven't looked into this question.  It would only matter for PK
updates (since the FK-side triggers make no such comparisons), so it's
probably not going to make much difference in typical workloads.
Still, if anybody wants to investigate ...

                        regards, tom lane

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