Hi, hackers    I modified the code in add_path() a bit so that all the query 
path candidates inside pathlist will not be removed and all new path will be 
added into the pathlist, thus all path candidates are kept in pathlist. I then 
tested a four-relation query. In 9.1.3, I can see thousands of candidates in 
the final RelOptInfo, and some of them are even busy trees. But in 9.2 beta1 
which I forked from github, there are no such busy trees and only about 50 join 
path in total, which should match the requirement of System R algo. Is there 
any modification regarding the system R algo in the new release? And something 
wrong in algo in 9.1.3?    Thanks

Best RegardsHuang Qi VictorComputer Science of National University of Singapore 

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