> If we could do that on *all* platforms, I might be for it, but we only
> know how to get that number on some platforms. 

I don't see what's wrong with using it where we can get it, and not
using it where we can't.

>  There's also the issue
> of whether we really want to assume that the machine is dedicated to
> Postgres, which IMO is an implicit assumption of any default that scales
> itself to physical RAM.

10% isn't assuming dedicated.  Assuming dedicated would be 20% or 25%.

I was thinking "10%, with a ceiling of 512MB".

> For the moment I think we should just allow initdb to scale up a little
> bit more than where it is now, perhaps 128MB instead of 32.

I wouldn't be opposed to that.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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