Robert Haas <> writes:
> On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> BTW, I wonder whether the code that checks for relfilenode conflict
>> when selecting a pg_class or relfilenode OID tries both file naming
>> conventions?  If not, should we make it do so?

> I don't believe it does, nor do I see what we would gain by making it to do 
> so.

What we would gain is ensuring that we aren't using the same relfilenode
for both a regular table and a temp table.  Do you really want to assume
that such a conflict is 100% safe?  It sounds pretty scary to me, and
even if we were sure the backend would never get confused, what about
client-side code that's looking at relfilenode?

                        regards, tom lane

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