Is there a real point to all this code in pg_backup_directory.c?

static void
createDirectory(const char *dir)
    struct stat st;

    /* the directory must not exist yet. */
    if (stat(dir, &st) == 0)
        if (S_ISDIR(st.st_mode))
                          "cannot create directory %s, it exists already\n",
                          "cannot create directory %s, a file with this name "
                          "exists already\n", dir);

     * Now we create the directory. Note that for some race condition we could
     * also run into the situation that the directory has been created just
     * between our two calls.
    if (mkdir(dir, 0700) < 0)
        exit_horribly(modulename, "could not create directory %s: %s\n",
                      dir, strerror(errno));

Couldn't we just call mkdir() and report the strerrno(errno) to begin
with, like everyone else does?

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