Am 18.07.12 23:56, schrieb Tom Lane:
Samuel Vogel <> writes:
How would the b-tree know exactly that a value is only a reference? And
even in that case you say that it could get the bits, but make no use of
it, since it does not know what they represent, right?
It has access to the data type's basic storage parameters, which are
typbyval, typlen, and typalign; and we have standard conventions for
identifying the length etc of variable-length values.  It's just the
meaning of the payload data bytes that's data-type-private.

Okay, so with these I know if and how I would have to "dereference" the data. But how do I get to this info from inside _bt_binsrch? RelationGetDescr(rel)->tdtypeid was my closest guess, but I need to get a reference to FormData_pg_type somehow.

Samuel Vogel

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