I'm just trying to figure out what's possible with Postgresql and Python. One 
thing that's important for me, would be to pass result sets around to process 
them further. I have a table like this:

create table fps (
        docid integer,
        conceptid integer,
        rank float4

And the following function:

create or replace function vectormatch(data fps[])
        returns table(docid integer, weigth float4)
as $$
$$ language plpythonu;

I call the function like this:

select * from vectormatch(array(select (docid,conceptid,rank)::fps from fps 
where docid = 4205591))

and get the following output:

NOTICE:  <type 'list'>
CONTEXT:  PL/Python function "vectormatch"
NOTICE:  ['(4205591,1,1)', '(4205591,1219,1)', ...]
CONTEXT:  PL/Python function "vectormatch"

I'm quite surprised that there are strings in the list and not tuples!? I tried 
my best, but I have no idea what I might be doing wrong. The main purpose of my 
sample/experiment is, to pass the results of a query to a function and to 
process it there. Any hint would be very appreciated.

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