I've been experimenting with moving the Unix socket directory to
/var/run/postgresql for the Fedora distribution (don't ask :-().
It's mostly working, but I found out yet another way that pg_upgrade
can crash and burn: it doesn't consider the possibility that the
old or new postmaster is compiled with a different default
unix_socket_directory than what is compiled into the libpq it's using
or that pg_dump is using.

This is another hazard that we could forget about if we had some way for
pg_upgrade to run standalone backends instead of starting a postmaster.
But in the meantime, I suggest it'd be a good idea for pg_upgrade to
explicitly set unix_socket_directory (or unix_socket_directories in
HEAD) when starting the postmasters, and also explicitly set PGHOST
to ensure that the client-side code plays along.

                        regards, tom lane

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